Wednesday, 10 March 2010


This is The Hives' very first EP, Sounds Like Sushi, from before they had even added The to their name. As the cover suggests their name was simply "Hives". The bands' early style is much more punk than their recent style, but I figure they were just establishing their sound. I much prefer their early EPs but that's not to say their newer more commercial stuff isn't as good because at times they revert back to this kind of music. Also, the fact that their early stuff is a lot more jokey is awesome too. If you want to see what I mean just listen to "Constipation". It was released on casette in 1994.


1. Nymphomatic Dentists
2. Constipation
3. Feet
4. Ramanda
5. Radio Boss
6. We've Got Hives

Click here to download.

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