Saturday, 6 March 2010


The first mix from English dubstep producer Cookie Monsta. This is the only place online you will find this mix in mp3 format with all 29 tracks intact. The only other link (besides from tracks off of YouTube) is the one mix in just one 1 hour mp3 containing the mix in it's entirety. Plus, this is sick dubstep. So get it while you can.


1. Misunderstood
2. Bliss
3. Frontline
4. Optimus Prime
5. Crank
6. Smack ‘Em
7. Breezer
8. Suicide
9. Fallen Angel
10. Cheeky Cunt
11. Dirt Deep Drilla
12. You Can Do it!
13. Revenge
14. Stinky Ferret
15. Ca$h
16. Finally
17. Ginger Pubes
18. Grandmomma
19. Tight for a Honky
20. DeadBeat
21. Sycho Bob
22. Face Fuck
23. Massacre
24. Playtime
25. Bladdered
26. Badman a Talk
27. Contract with the Devil
28. Break Slash Dance
29. Break Slash Dance (Dubstep version)

Click here to download. (mediafire)

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